Fitness in London

The state of London’s pollution is encapsulated below:

Toxic fumes from vehicles cause thousands of premature deaths every year…  And lead to young  Londoners growing up with stunted lungs and suffering from asthma.

Therefore, no one can deny that London is a polluted place.

In fact, London’s air is some of the dirtiest in Europe. In 2016 the government was ordered by the High Court to come up with a plan to clean up air across the UK in the shortest possible time. Read more.

That’s why health and fitness in the capital is so integral to maintaining your overall health.

Here are three great locations to make the most of your workout.

Richmond Park


Richmond Park is the biggest royal park within London, spanning 1,000 acres. It is full of wildlife and if you are lucky to you even catch the sight of the city in the distance.

The presence of wildlife coupled with its vastness is no surprise that Richmond is London’s happiest borough. The park is great for running amongst other physical activities.

Thames Run

river-thames-healthThe Thames Run is another great location for all things fitness related. As you may know, the River. The Thames runs throughout London and is a great challenge for any new or experienced runners.

Be it 10km or 5km, there is always something for everyone.

Due to the Thames’ length, this route is great for sightings of London’s landmarks; from the Houses of Parliament to Battersea Park it is full of London’s everchanging elements.